KDV 100 plant sold to Mongolia

In cooperation with our Mongolian partner „Alpha Energy” a KDV 100 plant has been sold to Mongolia for the the conversion of brown coal to diesel and bitumen for road construction. The plant has been running very successfully for demonstration and test purposes in Eppendorf, Germany

It is operated manually with only few electronic sensors, and is designed to be the first step in market introduction for brown coal conversion in Mongolia.

FOCUS Online Article

The article  in „Focus-Online” presents the KDV-process and the company Alphakat in detail:

The huge potential of Alphakat and its KDV process for changing our entire energy situation.

FOCUS Artikel 16.06.2015 “How a German developer wants to revolutionize the world”.


South Africa – scientific cooperation

The aim of this scientific cooperation is to introduce KDV Technology in South Africa for the production of green fuels by the conversion of different Organic materials such as: green, municipal and industrial waste, and energetic crops like Arundo Donax Giant Cane, creating new green jobs for the economy and energy independence.

The concept is to grow Arundo Donax on the wasteland between gold mines for waste conversion and to produce synthetic diesel.

Very soon, a KDV150 plant will be installed and ready to demonstrate the conversion process of various Organic materials in South Africa.

New Partnership in Cyprus

Alphakat has a new partnership with the company Alphakat International Limasol for the promotion, distribution and implementation of KDV projects in Cyprus and Greece, for the processing of crude oil and brown coal in a KDV refinery for the production of synthetic diesel.